Keeping You In The Fight And Not Face Down In A Rice Paddy!
May 10, 2023

American Made Apparel with Dean Wegner, Founder of Authentically American

American Made Apparel with Dean Wegner, Founder of Authentically American
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Everyone knows that Veterans love Swag, there’s a reason you constantly see us wearing hoodies and T-shirts of the brands we love. Here in Newark, I’m constantly rocking my IRONBOUND Boxing hoodie, not only to bring more visibility to the IRONBOUND brand, but also to symbolize that I’m part of the team and a movement. 

Apparel is a hard business model to scale, but that hasn’t stopped Army Veteran and West Point graduate, Dean Wagner, from taking his chances. Dean is the Founder & CEO of Authentically American, an American Made apparel company that provides corporations and organizations high-quality branded apparel and accessories. Dean and his team are on a mission to bring jobs back to America by selling competitively priced, premium branded apparel, and believes it’s his patriotic duty to do so. On the show, Dean shares insight into the market opportunity he saw with Authentically American, tapping into the growing American made movement, some of the pivots he’s made along the way, and his overall strategy for scaling the brand nation wide. 

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