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Weekly Tac-planning on marketing, brand strategy, and category design for early & growth stage veteran-owned small businesses.

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Giving Brands A Voice with Steve Pratt, Founder of the Creativity Business

March 29, 2023

Today on DWB, I’m joined by Steve Pratt, founder of The Creativity Business, a firm focused on content strategy for brands and business strategy for the creative industries. Steve is a podcasting OG. Prior to starting the Cr…

The Hub-and-Spoke Framework

March 22, 2023

Today on DWB, Bill and I discuss how to drive leads using the Hub and Spoke Framework. Hubs are networks of impacts, such as trade associations, chambers of commerce, or MBA classrooms, for example, that have access to multi…

DEFCON Brand Strategy

March 15, 2023

Today on DWB, I catch up with my main man and business coach, Mr. Bill Watkins, to talk about how to prepare and navigate challenging times ahead, through some DEFCON Branding. What the heck is DEFCON Brand Strategy? Find ou…

Return on Brand with Scott Roslyn, Co-Founder & CEO at We Are Bill

March 8, 2023

Today on DWB, I’m joined by Scott Roslyn, Co-Founder and CEO of We Are Bill, a boutique brand creation & reinvention consultancy based in New York, that connects strategic thinking, thoughtful design, and commercial impact t…

Debriefing More Than A Decades Worth of Entrepreneurial Experience with Justin Nassiri, Founder & CEO of Executive Presence

March 1, 2023

Today on DWB, I’m joined by fellow Naval Academy grad turned serial entrepreneur, Justin Nassiri, Founder & CEO of Executive Presence, which provides a fully managed Linkedin presence for CEO’s and business leaders. I origin…

Building a 21st Century Online Jeweler with Andrew Wolgemuth, Co-Founder and CEO of Wove

Feb. 22, 2023

Today on DWB, I sit down with Army Veteran and West Point Graduate Andrew Wolgemuth, Co-Founder & CEO of WOVE, a 21st century online jeweler, bringing the jewelry design experience directly to couples for custom engagement r…

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